Eon Shenton Specifications for Shop

Specifications - Shop

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  1. Foundation
    Bored piles and/or concrete piles and/or steel H piles and/or raft foundation.
  2. Substructure & Superstructure
    Reinforced concrete and/or steel frame.
  3. Wall
    • External:
      Common clay bricks and/or precast panel and/or reinforced concrete generally.
    • Internal:
      Common clay bricks and/or cement blocks and/or light weight blocks and/or precast panels and/or reinforced concrete and/or dry wall generally.
  4. Roof
      Flat Roof:
      Reinforced conrete roof with waterproofing and insulation and/or metal roofing with insulation
  5. Ceiling
    Off form concrete surface and/or plaster board ceiling and/or skim coat where applicable.
  6. Finishes
    • Internal Wall Finishes:
      Cement and sand plaster and/or skim coat with emulsion paint finish where applicable.
    • Internal Floor Finishes
      • For Shop:
        Concrete surface in trowel finish.
      • A/C Ledges:
        Cement and sand screed finish.
  7. Shop Front
    Fixed glass panel c/w door and lockset.
  8. Sanitary Fittings
    1 wall hung wash basin c/w tap.
  9. Electrical Installation
    230V single phase power supply for shop units.
    • Electrical wiring will be in concealed conduits where possible. Where there is a false ceiling, the electrical wiring will be in surface mounted conduit in the ceiling space.
    • The routing of services within the shop units shall be at the sole discretion of the Architect and Engineer.
    • Cable-Readiness to comply with authorities' requirements
  10. Network
    • Cable network provided.
    • Telephone point provided with units.
  11. Lightning Protection
    Lightning Protection System shall be provided in accordance with the current edition of Singapore Code of Practice.
  12. Waterproofing
    Waterproofing to floors of kitchen, master bathroom, bathroom, roof terrace, balcony, swimming pool, pool deck, toilets and reinforced concrete flat roof where applicable.
  13. Painting
    • Internal Walls:
      Emulsion Paint.
    • External Walls:
      Weather shield paint and/or spray textured coating at selected areas only.
  14. Driveway and Car Park
    Concrete finished with floor hardener and/or perforated concrete slab and/or interlocking pavers and/or aeration slab (where applicable).
  15. Recreational Facilities
    Pool & Garden Deck @ 6
    • BBQ Area
    • Garden
    • Sun Deck
    • Lap Pool
    • Wet Deck
    • Waterscape
    • Wading Pool
    Fitness Deck @ 14
    • Outdoor Fitness Space
    • Gymnasium
    • Veranda
    • Jacuzzi
    • Spa Pool
    • Sun Lounges
    • Garden
    • Steam Room
    • Waterfall Pool
    • Pool Table
    • Table Tennis
    Sky Deck @ 22
    • Meeting Room
    • Lounge
    • Bar Counter
    • Reading Corner
    • Sky Viewing Deck
    • Garden
    • Water Garden
  16. Additional Items
    • Floor Trap:
      For all shop units.
    • Air-Conditioning:
      For Shop - Spilt air-conditioning system provided.
    • Water Supply:
      Incoming water supply provided with individual metering.

For Office and Shop

  1. The brand and model of all equipment supplied shall be provided subject to market availability and the sole discretion of the Vendor.
  2. Layout/location of fan coil units, electrical points, telephone points, and door swing positions are subject to Architect's sole discretion and final design.
  3. The Purchaser is liable to pay annual fee, subscription fee and such other fees to the Starhub Cable Vision Ltd (SCV) and/or Internet Service Provider (ISP) or any other relevant party or any other relevant authorities. The Vendor is not responsible to make arrangements with any of the said parties for the service connection for their respective subscription channels and/or internet access.
  4. If the Purchaser requires internet access, the Purchaser will have to make direct arrangements with the Internet Service Provider and/or such relevant entities/authorities for internet services to the unit and to make all necessary payments to the Internet Service Provider and/or the relevant entities/authorities.
  5. Where warranties are given by the manufacturers and/or contractors and/or suppliers of any of the equipment and/or applicaes installed by the Vendor at the unit, the Vendor shall assign to the Purchaser such warranties at the time when possession of the unit is delivered to the Purchaser.
  6. For cyclical maintenance work to be carried out to the building facade, owners shall allow access to the maintenance team.