Eon Shenton - Interest Absorption Scheme
30 March 2012
UPDATES: As of 24 May 2012, Eon Shenton no longer offers Interest Absorption Scheme for any new purchases.

Eon Shenton is offering Interest Absorption Scheme (IAS), allowing office buyer and investers alike to commit to a purchase at Eon Shenton with just a small upfront payment.

IAS is effectively similar to the deferred payment scheme, which allow you to defer payment of the bulk of the purchase price until such project's Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) period. With IAS, you have to take on a bank loan at the time of your purchase of Eon Shenton, but will have interest payment absorbed by the developer until the project is completed.
Most developer is offering this scheme at a premium. The good news here is, the developer is offering Interest Absorption Scheme with no premium for your purchase of Eon Shenton.
* Eon Shenton IAS offer is available for Commercial Office purchase only.

To find out more about Interest Absorption Scheme (IAS) with Eon Shenton, contact us or simply drop us an email at [email protected] and we will reply shortly.